McQuarrie's Bookshelf

A complete list of books by one of our best-selling authors, Donald A. McQuarrie

Mathematics for Physical Chemistry: Opening Doors
ISBN 978-1-891389-56-6, 368 pages, soft cover
List Price US$46.00
Publisher's Discount Price US$41.40

Quantum Chemistry, Second Edition
ISBN 978-1-891389-50-4, 704 pages, casebound
List Price US$90.00
Publisher's Discount Price US$81.00

Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
ISBN 978-1-891389-24-5, 1184 pages, casebound
List Price US$98.00
Publisher's Discount Price US$88.20

Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach

ISBN 978-0-935702-99-6, 1360 pages, casebound
List Price US$99.00
Publisher's Discount Price US$90

Molecular Thermodynamics
ISBN 978-1-891389-05-4, 672 pages, casebound
 List Price US$92.00
Publisher's Discount Price US$82.80

Statistical Mechanics
ISBN 978-1-891389-15-3, clothbound, 640 pages
List Price US$98.00
Publisher's Discount Price