General Chemistry

Fourth Edition

Donald A. McQuarrie
University of California, Davis

Peter A. Rock
University of California, Davis

Ethan B. Gallogly
Santa Monica College


1. Chemistry and the Scientific Method

2. Atoms and Molecules

Interchapter A: Elemental Etymology

3. The Periodic Table and Chemical Periodicity

Interchapter B: A Brief History of the Periodic Table

4. Early Quantum Theory

5. The Quantum Theory and Atomic Structure

Interchapter C: Hydrogen and Oxygen

6. Ionic Bonds and Compounds

Interchapter D: The Alkali Metals

7. Lewis Formulas

Interchapter E: Nitrogen

8. Prediction of Molecular Geometries

Interchapter F: Saturated Hydrocarbons

9. Covalent Bonding

Interchapter G: Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

10. Chemical Reactivity

Interchapter H: Aromatic Hydrocarbons

11. Chemical Calculations

Interchapter I: The Main Group Metals

12. Chemical Calculations for Solutions

Interchapter J: Sulfur

13. Properties of Gases

Interchapter K: The Noble Gases

14. Thermochemistry

Interchapter L: Sources of Energy

15. Liquids and Solids

Interchapter M: Carbon and Silicon

16. Colligative Properties of Solutions

Interchapter N: Phosporus

17. Chemical Kinetics: Rate Laws

Interchapter O: Radiochemistry

18. Chemical Kinetics: Mechanisms

Interchapter P: Alcohols, Aldehydes and Ketones

19. Chemical Equilibrium

Interchapter Q: The Halogens

20. The Properties of Acids and Bases

Interchapter R: Carboxylic Acids

21. Buffers and the Titration of Acids and Bases

Interchapter S: Synthetic Polymers

22. Solubility and Precipitation Reactions

Interchapter T:  Biochemical Polymers

23. Chemical Thermodynamics

24. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

25. Electrochemistry

Interchapter U: Batteries

26. The Chemistry of the Transition Metals

Appendices A-I